Born in sunny Miami, FL, I grew up competing in scholastic tournaments across the USA. Although I won the 1997 K-8 National Championship, I did not begin my professional chess career until after graduating Harvard. As a result, I made most of my professional progress as an adult. After training under world famous Grandmasters who specialized in both wild and positional chess, I then began to compete. At 24, I was still just a master (2200). But at 25, I became an International Master (2400). And at 30, I broke the 2600 barrier, proving that it is never too late to improve your chess, whether you are young or old, so long as you have the desire. If you are passionate about chess and want to progress, I can help you achieve your goals.

IM Marc Esserman

Quick Facts

Marc Esserman
Boston, MA, USA
International Chess Master & Coach, Author
FIDE 2468, USCF 2555
Bachelor of Arts (History), Harvard University
Books Published:
Mayhem in the Morra
Best Wins:
Vs. Grandmasters Loek Van Wely and Nigel Short
Best Draw:
Vs. 5-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand
Other Interests:
Tennis, Traveling, Music, Comedy, Sports Psychology